Raw Insight

Your body and mind resonate with the vibration of the food you eat, the water you drink, the words you tell it, the thoughts you think and the air you breathe. 

Whatever part of your journey you are at, different foods cooked or raw, may ground you, send you flying high or overstimulate you into a hurricane of emotion. My experience has been unsurpassed clarity of intuition and inner wisdom with consuming only raw living foods. 

My tendency was to over-eat the absolutely delicious cooked vegan cusine Id create for family and friends. Id always over-do it knowing on a subtle level I was escaping some hard truths by "numbing the mind" with food. Cooked food, even very nutritious meals, can desensitise the body and mind depending on the person and the circumstances, life stage and mindfulness. 

I'm not super strict, Ill eat bottled salsa, the occasional laksa from our local Thai and even in times of complete desperation a hot chip. Gasp! Yes, you can still be human and live raw. 95% raw/5% everything else (an ant fell in my smoothie bowl the other day) is a great guide to work the raw angle without tripping on the small stuff. Sometimes a seasonal raw cleanse is all you need to see clearer, alternatively you may be more suited to living all raw for longer periods. 

When my belly is full of life-force rich living fruits and vegetables, my soul is free to explore the untouched parts and open wounds with clear conscious awareness. Things start to shift, bonds start to break, toxicity literally dissolves. Deep rooted muck is dredged up and purged with your new found energy (sounds fun, but honestly its so worth it). No longer clinging to comfort, ever growing in this rich soil of optimum nutrition, blossoming into full, juicy ripeness.  

We all get hungry and its important to carb up and be joyful in eating. However, next time you feel belly full, just pause for a moment and ask yourself ' What am I hungry for?'. Love, Touch, Change, Connection or simply more magnificent living delicacies from mother earth.

What are you hungry for?


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