The Raw Experience

Raw. The aliveness that comes when one aligns with the laws of nature.

Whole, local, seasonal, ripe, raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. In Abundance!

This isn't a fabricated diet or image one presumes. This is a lifestyle choice based on sound science, tried and tested experience and biological imprint. 

I laughed the other day when a very presumptuous woman accused me of being restrictive. Hahahahahaha. Nothing could be further from the truth. Raw living embraces the vitality, variety and expansive health benefits of life giving foods. Lets not judge each other. We are all at different stages of "the journey". Different life stages and challenges face us. Raw living is a choice for those who are ready physical and emotionally. This is scathing back habitual and conditioned comfort eating to reveal our true whole juicy form. 

In a nut shell (hehe), I've been an explorer of optimum Health for over 20yrs. Vegan for over 15, raw vegan for 5, high raw vegan for another 5 and now at 37 yrs old, 2 kids later, I have some juicy insights from the Raw experiment to share. 

First Insight High fruit, Low fat, Low yet Good quality plant protein is our species specific formula designed for us to thrive. We can live off eating just about anything, but what quality of life? Cooked food changes the structure of the food, destroys nutrients and causes toxic by products.

Second Insight Enjoy freshness, abundance and variety of mostly organic fruits and veg, sprouted nuts and seeds (including coconuts!) Be creative and be aware of natural food combining. Eg Dates and coconuts palms are not usually found side by side. The equation in your stomach equals gas. However Mangos and Avocado are a match made in Heaven on Earth.

Third Insight In the 20 years of nourishing my body and mind with the most vital, pure and delicious meals in order to really live life to the fullest and give to my children and the planet to my greatest capacity, no diet has given my more energy, buoyancy and wellbeing than Raw.

Now, The practical and delicious side of Raw. My Raw template is sustainable, energising and most of all satisfying. You may find the following template helpful to develop a successful template unique to your needs. Please note this is a spring example below.

Wake up with kisses, hugs, gratitude, Sunshine, Breath and gentle Exercise in nature.

Dive headfirst into a huge bowl of fruits, few nuts and fresh coconut create with love.

Relish Deep leafy green salad including all the colours of the rainbow, tomatos from my garden, local avos, jackfruit, pineapple, capsicum, thai basil, red cabbage, carrot, homemade satay. Followed by a mango chia pudding to really fill me up for the afternoons fun and games. Ok yes I admit, cacao nibs too.

Cacao spinach and spirulina mint smoothie bliss in the Sunshine to boost before yoga class.

Warm banana "sausages" on the BBQ with lime and shredded coconut with a side of papaya and blueberry smash and cucumber corriander crunch.

This type of menu supports the plethora of activities I do in a day, gives me a clear connected mind and is incredibly tasty and filling.  Give yourself a little leeway by having your fav wholefood cooked meal once a week. Try it for 1 day or 1 week. The health benefits are unlimited: stronger, shinier nails and hair, clearer breathing, immune strength, glowing skin, vibrant energy, better digestion, brighter attitude, balanced weight and hormone health to name just a few.

Unleash your raw nature and see what unfolds! 

Love to hear your comments and questions below. 

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