Tropical tempe salad with satay sauce

Everybody loves this recipe when I whip it up at home or retreats. Its so easy, quick and super satisfying. Not to mention incredibly nourishing. 

Tear up any organic greens  you have and marinate with lime (red cabbage is yummy in this dish too). Cos lettuce is my fav.

Add chopped tomato capsicum, carrot, avocado and either pineapple or mango. 

Fry thin slices of tempe in a coconut oil until golden brown. 

Spoon over satay sauce (mix 1/3 tahini, 1/3 chilli sauce, 1/3 water plus a little turmeric, pepper and cumin. You can also add a spoon of miso if you like a more salty flavour)

Sprinkle salad with coriander and sunflower sprouts.

So light and energising on a hot tropical day.



kat ford