Samadhi Flow Yoga - is an organic blend of nature inspired Vinyasa yoga, yogic breathing and intuitive movement. Kat, has over 15yrs experience, to guide you through fun fluid sequences releasing stress, muscle tension and emotional blockages and encouraging optimum health and inner peace. The classes flow with the rhythms and forms of the elements of nature creating a space for deep healing and expansion of the heart.  

This style of yoga is ideal for: Back, neck & spinal health, core strength, relaxation, fitness, boosting your immune system, hormonal balance and caters for beginners to advanced. 

Samadhi Flow Yoga strengthens and tones your body, but at the same time the movement feels so good and comes so naturally that you flow into a meditative state, a higher consciousness, bliss...

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Kat Ford

Elemental Yoga/Ecstatic Dance/Super Nutrition

Kat is a nature inspired yoga and conscious dance teacher with over 15 years experience teaching a unique blend of elemental vinyasa yoga. Kat is connected deeply to the spirit of Minjerribah, NORTH Stradbroke Island, where she lives, breathes and co-creates blissful experiences to share.

Kat's teachings are focused on healing, both energetically and physically, back, neck and spine health, heart opening, activation of life-force energy and expanding consciousness. Her classes are an organic integration of movement, breath medicine, meditation and music.

Kat is guided daily by mother earth, fuelled by plant based super nutrition and local plant medicine. Kat is the founder of Samadhi Eco Yoga Retreats on North Stradbroke Island and author of 2 DVDs:
Flow Yoga for Freedom, Strength and Peace and Flow Yoga for Bellies, Birth and Beyond. Kat teaches Ecstatic embodiment workshops at festivals and Elemental vinyasa daily on North Stradbroke Island


Kopilalai Kakasi

Massage Therapist/ Healer/Medicine Woman

Kopilalai stems from a long linage of medicine women from her origins in a traditional village in Papua. She combines intuitive earth wisdom with western massage therapies to heal, restore and bring deep peace to guests at Samadhi.

"I am delighted to be offering nurturing massage and healing sessions – intuitive, relaxation, remedial and reiki. Born in Papuan New Guinea, I come from a lineage of strong medicine people. Now, I live on the Sunshine Coast though with strong connection to Minjerribah. My journey with healing began in my teen years and in my early twenties came to fall in love with the element of touch when I realised the importance of connecting with my physical body. I started acknowledging the importance of the physical body; nurturing and loving this home that we have to explore our outside world. It’s also amazing when we remember how much the body holds stresses and tension which adds to misalignments in the body – we can care and love ourselves a bit more".


Sun Akquilah Lehoiatua

Results Coach, Peak State Mentor, Alchemical & Metaphysical Researcher

Embodying his name, Sun is both a symbol and catalyst for transformation and is an infectious example of self-empowerment and creating your own destiny. Transforming and recreating himself several times over Sun has been a successful and highly sought after senior engineer in industry leading aviation and renewable energy engineering companies and has since moved into the fields of Human Fulfilment and HOPE - Holisticly Optimised People Engineering. In the electrical engineering fields Sun advised and supported teams of technicians in the design, construction and rewiring of aircraft and renewable power generation systems. In these roles one of his most valuable skills was his ability to quickly map complex systems and provide simple instructions for people to work with. Sun has merged these powerful observation, analysis and design integration abilities with the worlds most effective peak state practices, personal change techniques and ancient wisdoms taught by the likes of Dr David Haricharan, Dr Wayne Dyer, Dr Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Thich Nhat Han, James Redfield, Kaye Halligan, Skarlet Lu Realta, Benjamin Harvey and Little Sparrow (B. Harvey’s Shamanic Teacher). Rewiring aircraft, power systems and your brain are simple steps for a man who has spent his entire life looking at how we relate to the multi-verse and our influence within it.

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Skye Cilia

Oracle Womb Temple/ Ancient Mother - Dance her cycles of life

Skye holds Oracle Womb Temple a sacred wombn ceremony to awaken to the practices’s of the true feminine nature involving chanting, breath-work, movement, dance and sacred rituals. She guides circles of wombn in deep feminine embodiment practices to birth their visions, dreams, gifts and medicine.

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Sananda Rise

Yoga, Energy healing and Bodywork - Free Spirit Medicine

Bio coming soon